Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prelimenary Program EBF 3rd Open Barcelona Meeting

The draft program for this years EBF open meeting "From Challenges to Solutions" 1-3 December 2010, Barcelona, Spain has been published on the dedicated conference site and may also be downloaded following this link. In short the conference program has sessions on the following topics:

· Bioanalysis – thinking outside the ”commodity” box
· Practical Solutions to Bioanalytical Challenges
· Towards Global harmonization
· Platinum Sponsors session
· Conference dinner - evening speaker
· Technologies and comparison of assay platforms
· Breakout sessions
  o Breakout Small molecules
  o Guideline on "Assay Development for Immunogenicity Testing of Therapeutic Proteins" and related topics
  o Practical Solutions to Bioanalytical Challenges: Matrix Effects
· EBF feedback on internal discussions
· Finding the right level
· Biomarkers

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Download EBF DBS workshop presentations

PDF renditions of all the 21 the powerpoint presentations given at EBF's workshop on Connecting Strategies on Dried Blood Spots have been uploaded to the dedicated workshop site and can be viewed and downloaded from this page.

Plenary Session
  • P. Timmerman (J&J, EBF) - The Use of Dried Blood Spots in Drug Discovery and Development: Overview and EBF’s Perspectives on Hurdles and Opportunities
DBS in the Non Regulated Environment
  • K. Beaumont (Pfizer) - Who Decided We Should Measure Plasma?
  • F. Picard (Novartis) - An Overview of the Implementation of DBS At Novartis: Results and Next Step
  • P. Wright (Pfizer) - DBS for Metabolite Identification: Can We ? Should We?
  • C. Smith (AstraZeneca) - Metabonomic Analysis of Dried Biofluid (Blood, Plasma, Urine) Spots
Combined Toxicology/Regulatory/QA
  • F. McClure (GSK) - Spot the Difference: Effect of TK Blood Sampling on Clinical Pathology Parameters
  • L. Patrone (BMS) - Direct Comparison of DBS Analysis to Plasma and Whole Blood Analysis in Toxicokinetic Studies of Rats
  • J. Burnett (Covance) - Practical Application of Dried Blood Spot Techniques in Toxicology
  • M. Benton (Fulcrum Pharma) - QA Perspective on Dried Blood Spot Analysis
Bioanalytical and DBS: Applications
  • P. Abu-Rabie (GSK) - Direct Quantitative Bioanalysis of Drugs in Dried Blood Spot Samples
  • H. Ghobarah (AB Sciex) - High Sensitivity LC-MS/MS Quantification of Corticosteroids in Dried Blood Spots and Evaluation of Software Saturation Correction for Extending Dynamic Range
  • M. Barfield (GSK) - the Use of Dried Plasma Spots (DPS) and Dried Urine Spots (DUS) for LC-MS/MS Assays
  • A. Gajate Perez (Roche) - Can DBS Stabilize Ester Pro-Drugs and Glucuronide Metabolites?
  • M. Hemsley (Covance) - Logistical Considerations and Experiences in Utilising Dried Blood Spots in Quantitative Bioanalysis
Clinical Environment
  • A. Van Peer (J&J) - Blood and Plasma: A Magic Twin or Single in Human Pharmacokinetics?
  • H. Pandya (Univ. of Leicester) - PK Studies in Infants and Children: Are Dried Blood Spots the Answer?
  • L. Stolk (Univ. Maastricht) - Dried Blood Spot Methods in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Methods, Assays and Pitfalls
  • T. de Boer (Xendo) - Extensive Utilisation of Dried Blood Spot Sampling in Early Clinical Development Studies: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacogenomics and Safety Assessments
Bioanalytical and DBS: Tools
  • B. Ooms (Spark Holland) - On-Line DBS-SPE-MS/MS. Feasibility of a Concept for Rapid DBS Analysis Without Punching
  • G. Harland (Waters) - the Use of An Integrated Micro Fluidic LC-MS/MS Device for DBS Assays An Approach to Increased Sensitivity
  • J. Dinan (BSD Robotics) - Bringing the DBS Advantage into the Laboratory