Friday, April 6, 2012

Two new EBF publications

The conference reports of both 2011 EBF meetings have been published in the most recent issue of Bioanalysis: The EBF Steering Committee would like to thank all contributers: authors, sponsors, speakers, poster presenters and organisers.

Philip Timmerman, Berthold Lausecker, Begona Barossa, Peter van Amsterdam, Silke Luedtke and Jessica Dijksman
Conference report from the European Bioanalysis Forum Open Meeting – ‘Large meets Small’ on connecting the bioanalytical community around peptide and protein bioanalysis with LC-MS(/MS)
Bioanalysis (2012) 4(6) 627-631

Jessica Dijksman, Philip Timmerman, Richard Abbott, Begona Barroso, Margarete Brudny Kloeppel, Arjen Companjen, Michaela Golob, Ben Gordon, Christian Herling, Magnus Knutsson, Silke Luedtke, Birgitte Buur Rasmussen, Daniela Stoellner, Eva Vieser, Graeme Young, Peter van Amsterdam
Conference report from the European Bioanalysis Forum Open Meeting: Less is More – Defining modern Bioanalysis
Bioanalysis (2012) 4(6) 633-642

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