Friday, May 3, 2013

EBF 6th Open Symposium - Call for Speakers - Deadline 26 May

EBF 6th Open Symposium

Moving Forward Together
Science, Technology and Regulations Embracing New Paradigms
20th – 22nd November 2013, Hesperia Tower, Barcelona, Spain

In comparison to previous years, the deadlines for submission have changed significantly. Speakers are requested to submit their contribution to, before May 26th 2013, providing the title of the presentation, a recent bio (max 150 words) and an abstract (max 350 words). You can find detailed instructions on: It is our intention to publish the detailed conference agenda before the summer.
Planned sessions for the 2013 EBF Open Symposium are:
  • ·       Assay transfer - Expectations & Practicalities
  • ·       Interpretation and implementation of Guidance
  • ·       From biomarker to diagnostics or personalized medicine: is there a role for regulated bioanalysis?
  • ·       Consult the doctor: lessons learned session from where we failed… or not.
  • ·       Is validation really needed for all assays: taking tiered approach outside the world of MIST
  • ·       Interpretation and implementation of Guidance expectations:  Internal Standard variability, carry-over
  • ·       Emerging Technologies in sampling & extraction: microsampling and development in sample preparation
  • ·       Emerging Technologies in separation & quantification: miniaturization in LC and MS
  • ·       Challenges in the analysis of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)
  • ·       Challenges for Flow Cytometry in regulated Bioanalysis
  • ·       Surprises in Ligand Binding Assay method development
  • ·       Analysis of parallelism for biomarkers and therapeutic proteins
  • ·       Promises of new technology: sense and nonsense of HR-MS
  • ·       Challenges and solutions of sample logistics
  • ·       Interferences in LBA

Please check our website to see a full list of program topics:
We anticipate bringing an exciting program and candid discussions and in the spirit of a true Forum, we will build the agenda reflecting your interest, contributions and engagement.


We would also like to invite you to register your posters. Please submit your poster contribution (before September 15th 2013) to using the poster registration form at:

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