Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Open EBF Symposium Website Live!

Over 400 participants contribute to the success of the EBF Open Symposia in Barcelona. Building further on this event, EBF announces the 4th Open Symposium. The meeting will be held in Barcelona at the Hesperia Tower Conference Center from the 16th - 18th November 2011. With the theme of the 4th open Symposium being "Less is More", EBF wants to focus on new trends in Bioanalysis in which scientists are eager to get more value from an optimized regulatory environment (where global harmonization can bring relief by decreasing the number of different guidelines) and from new technology developments (allowing miniaturization and increased sensitivity). Again, we will be bringing a versatile and diverse program that combines regulated bioanalysis themes (including updates on EMA guidelines and GBC progress) with technological and scientific developments for small and large molecule bioanalysis.

  • Biomarker validation recommendation
  • Effect of haemolysed / lipidemic / "off target" matrices on bioanalytical assays
  • Regulations and Bioanalysis - update on new and emerging guidelines and on Global harmonization
  • Technology updates
  • The relationship between Incurred Sample Reanalysis and Incurred Sample Stability
  • Micro dosing versus micro tracer - AMS or sensitive traditional analysis
  • Challenges of "free" and "total" macromolecule quantification
  • Dried Blood Spots - updates on blood analysis
  • Further focus on LBA - topic to be announced
  • Anomalous results
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