Monday, May 2, 2011

Agenda EBF 2011 Focus Meeting - Large meets Small

Day 0 – 20 JUNE 2011

Registration and Information Desk Open @4:00 pm

Day 1 - 21 JUNE 2011

Registration and Information Desk Open @7:30 am

New Technology Developments for Analysis of Large Molecules

Comparison of different MS platforms for peptide quantification
Lieve Dillen, Janssen R&D, Belgium

Implementation of a common high pH LC/MS/MS platform for small molecules and large molecules
Robert Plumb, Waters Corporation

Introducing a novel bench top Orbitrap for highly selective peptide/protein quantitation
Kai Scheffler, Thermo Fisher Scientific

High Sensitivity Protein Quantitation Using a Triple Quadrupole with a Dual Ion Funnel
Lester Taylor, Agilent Technologies

Coffee Break

Cutting Edge Analytical Approaches - Peptides

Strategies for the analysis of therapeutic peptides in biofluids
Lee Goodwin, Covance

Comparison of clinical analyser and LC-MS/MS based approaches for quantification of serum IGF-I levels
Rachel Green, Quotient Bioresearch

Quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of polypeptides: glucagon
Veniamin Lapko, Celerion

Quantification of selected peptides in biological fluids e.g. plasma
Hermann Mascher, pharm-analyt Lab. GmbH


Cutting Edge Analytical Approaches - Peptides

The importance of sample preparation for the analysis of proteins and peptides by liquid chromatography with mass spectrometric detection
Gerard Hopfgartner, University of Geneva

LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of therapeutic peptides in plasma at low pg/mL levels
Magnus Knutsson, Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S

A selective SPE/LC-MS/MS assay for simultaneous quantitation of multiple amyloid beta peptides in cerebrospinal fluid
Erin Chambers, Waters Corporation

Coffee Break

Validation Requirements for Large Molecule Analysis with MS Techniques

EBF presentation

Validation of an immunoprecipitation, digestion and immunoaffinity LC-MS/MS assay for human NGF biomarker and implementation in support of clinical trials
Gary Schulz, Advion Bioservices

The use of internal standards for macromolecule quantification by LC-MS: lessons learned from small molecule assays
Nico van de Merbel, PRA International

Issues of specificity, recovery, and accuracy in LC-MS/MS assays for peptides and proteins (working title)
Ben van Baar, QPS

Panel Discussion

Cocktail Reception

Day 2 - 22 JUNE 2011

Cutting Edge Analytical Approaches - Proteins

The powers of using MRM3 and high resolution MS with fast scan rates to conquer previously difficult large molecule compounds
Yong-Xi Li, Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories

LC-MS/MS quantification of proteins and peptides in biological fluids: towards a generic approach
Olivier Heudi, Novartis Pharma AG

High throughput method for the quantitative analysis of therapeutic antibody in the low ng/mL range from serum samples via affinity enrichment coupled LC-MS/MS to support clinical and preclinical PK/TK evaluation
Stephanie Fischmann, Abbott

Coffee Break

Sample preparation for protein quantification by LC-MS/MS
Ejvind Mørtz, Alphalyse

Challenges in validating protein and peptide LC-MS/MS methodologies
Ian Ward, Quotient Bioresearch

Comparison of quantitative assays for a large protein: ELISA vs. LC-MS/MS
Alberto Guenzi, Hoffmann-La Roche

Development and validation of an immunoaffinity-LC-MS/MS assay for 22 KDa somatropin in human serum (working title)
Rand Jenkins, PPD


Analytical Strategies

The sense and nonsense of quantitative analysis of biologics - or why should we care
Martin Nemansky, PRA International

Ligand Binding Assay critical reagent characterization via LC-MS
Brian Geist, Centocor

Highly sensitive Cytokine Quantification using Imperacer®, an Immuno-PCR based Ligand-Binding Assay System
Michael Adler, Chimera Biotec GmbH

Coffee Break

Proteins in the MIST

Ion mobility mass spectrometry: New molecular tool for the analysis of reactive intermediates in the oligomerization- aggregation of “misfolding”-aggregating proteins
Michael Przybylski, University of Konstanz

Strategies for quantifying plasma protease susceptible peptides by LC-MS/MS
Richard Kay, Quotient Bioresearch

Bioanalytical LC-MS of therapeutic oligonucleotides
William van Dongen, PROXY laboratories

Extracting metabolite ions of peptide drugs out of an in vivo matrix background
Filip Cuyckens, Janssen R&D

Closing Remarks and Adjourn

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