Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are Bioanalysts afraid of Grimsvotn?

Only 4 weeks left before the “Large meets Small” focus meeting organized by the European Bioanalysis Forum kicks off and we have a volcanic eruption in Iceland again. Not Eyjafjallajokull, but Grimsvotn this time. Did the first one ruin the travelling home of many of our colleagues after the Dried Blood Spots focus meeting, this one seems to behave better. At least it erupts well before the meeting and not on the 22nd of June!

Do not forget to register in time for this landmark meeting in which bioanalytical scientists will connect on strategies on analyzing large molecules with small molecule technologies

The 2 day program comprises 6 sessions ranging from New Instrument Developments and Cutting Edge Analytical Approaches to Proteins in the MIST. Download or view the conference agenda of this exciting meeting on the EBF Focus Meeting website

Register now using the designated form to save € 150 on the on-site registration fee.

e-Registration: € 250             On-site Registration: € 400

Looking forward to see you in Brussels, Belgium - 21st to 22nd of June 2011 !

EBF Focus Meeting Organization Committee:
Peter van Amsterdam, Philip Timmerman, Silke Luedtke, Berthold Lausecker & Begona Barroso

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